Avishkaar Fights Corona: Update #9 Debugging is the Real King

With the delivery vehicle (mini truck), boom lances, double motors, electrical circuitry, battery, and wiring in place, it was time to do our first test. Almost like a ‘Hello World’ of programming. Let’s see what really happened here:

First testing result of HDCDS

And BTW like every other program that I have ever written in life, this one failed as well and I was so happy because it allowed us to test everything.

The first failure was that the system did not turn on despite us connecting to the battery of the truck. First, we thought that the mesh of motors is drawing more power or current, therefore, we decided to test each motor on its own. So we brought out a Lead Acid battery that could drive one motor and tested each one meticulously.

All the motors responded so now we cracked open my car’s battery to see if the issue was with the truck battery. The system worked with my car’s battery as well. We concluded that the issue was with the battery of the truck.

Now our truck driver got a bit agitated and took it personally that his truck’s battery was new and it could not be the case. So this warranted a relook at the battery and right he was – there was a bit of oxidation on the battery points – so we cleaned it up and got it working again. And what followed was bliss (the feeling when all your hard work of building something actually sees the light of day and this I must tell you is godly). It made us sing the song of the day – you know which one ;).

Go Corona Go…

And once this was done, it was time to pack up for the day.

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