Avishkaar Fights Corona Update #7: Finding the Right Vehicles to Install HDCDS

Once we had figured out how the HDCDS will work, the next challenge for us was to identify what will be the right vehicle for it. While designing for this, our plan was as follows:

For areas with narrow lanes like Old Delhi, Chandni Chowk, etc:

For this, our plan is to install the sanitisation system on a bicycle so that the narrow lanes of areas such as Old Delhi, Chandni Chowk, etc can be disinfected.

Colony Roads:

We’ll install the sanitisation system on an E-Rickshaw so that the disinfection of colony roads can be done.

For Ring Road and Wider Roads:

For the disinfection of major arterial roads such as Ring Road, we will install the sanitisation system on a truck, tractor or SUV.

Example of Installation of HDCDS on a Truck

Since we were doing this as a showcase project, we decided to go for the third option (of going for a mega truck) and got the following in place:

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