Avishkaar Fights Corona Update #5: HDCDS Explained

First update for Day 3: We have successfully been able to design an external sanitization system. Yes! We are calling it HDCDS – High-Density Corona Disinfectant System.

The block diagram of the system is as follows:

Block Diagram of HDCDS (for others to recreate)

The following is a visual description and the name (known in the Indian Market) of different things that you will require to build this system:

  1. Boom Lance (2 or 4) – A
  2. Double-Sided Motors (2 or 4) – B
  3. Pipe Connectors (4 or 8) – C
  4. Lithium-Ion Batteries (4 or 8) – D
Various parts of HDCDS (High Density Corona Disinfectant System)

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