Avishkaar Fights Corona: Gratitude and Summary

Dear All,

Over the past few weeks, you have supported our fight against corona with similar enthusiasm, energy and resilience. You came forward to help us out with your time, money and kind words and it was heartening and encouraging for us.

I wanted to take a quick stop in the long and arduous fight against this treacherous Covid 19 virus. I would like to highlight the successes that we have achieved so far and appreciate the donors who have contributed to the cause, my teammates who took risk and came out to work during the lockdown and also talk about the road ahead.

Success Achieved in this fight:

  1. Provided 810 Face shields to Doctors, frontline Health Care Workers and some policemen as well.
  2. Equipped SDMC to do street sanitising in more than 100 kms area in South and West Delhi.
  3. Equipped APS, Dhaula Kuan Estate Manager to do regular sanitising in the staff quarters of the school.

Success achieved in pics and Videos:


Doctors Getting Support
Raghav with Doctors at COVID wards
Dr. Ramit with Raghav
Doctors at Rajeev Gandhi Super Speciality Hospital
Dr. Akanksha at Ambedkar Hospital

Sanitising Systems:

Sanitising Truck created for SDMC
Sanitising System for SDMC handed over to Ms. Meenakshi Leikhi
Go Corona Go…

UV Robots

UV Type C Robot Prototype

Donors who have contributed to this fight:

Many donors who looked at this campaign contributed with their time, money and best wishes. Those who contributed via money are as:

I would like to highlight the amazing effort done by my team mates Raghav Kapoor, Sahil Rastogi and Nitish Chopra for helping out with all this effort. But its required to appreciate the incredible energy and enthusiasm shown by Raghav Kapoor. He is been working hard day and night to print these shields, buying material, delivering it and doing all sorts of works:

Raghav with face shields
Raghav at Fortis Noida

In the interest of transparency and accountability, below are the details of the expenses and funds raised summary:

Contributions and Expenses in AvishkaarFightsCorona

Road Ahead:

We are four of us (humans) and thirteen of our friends (3D Printers). During the last few weeks, we have broken our backs, lost our sleep and four 3D printers have lost their lives (we are calling them Covid Yodhas). We may place them in Avishkaar Hall of Fame.

We have reduced our capacity to now 40-50 shields per day owing to change in our focus now and limited 3D printer capacity.

We will be focusing on creating Sanitizing solutions whether UV Robots, UV Boxes or sanitising tunnels. Since this is not our full time business, we will be relying on funds raised to create these solutions.

We have set up a GIVE India Campaign for the same and your support will be really helpful. Please support us by contributing to our GIVE India Campaign in AvishkaarFightingCorona.

Many thanks for your support and keep up the good work!