Avishkaar Fights Corona: Update #10 – Final Touches and the Beautiful Run

With a successful run achieved a day before, we took it easy before we had to get the final truck readied. Since I have been developing products for the longest time, I know getting a prototype is one thing and making it idiot proof is a different story.

Right from making holes into the motor box so that water does not remain if it leaks from the motors to replacing joints in wires. From sockets and switches to ensure ease of usage to finally ensuring a correct gauge of cables used, everything had to be done before we fired up the system.

Drilling Holes into the motor box

After 48 hours of trials and tribulations, our deliverable was good to go and some final videos of the same for your reference:

Labor of Love in action

And we did not hesitate to put our name on either sides of the truck and also my daughter’s message on how #IndiaFightsCorona.