Avishkaar Challenge is Back!

What differentiates humans from other living beings is the ability to constantly ‘make’ something of value which aids the process of developing solutions to problems occurring perpetually.

At Avishkaar, One can actually breathe the passion for creation possessed by each individual that keeps the entire workforce binded. We are constantly making an effort to Excel, Empower and provide genuine solutions to people’s needs, and keep learning while we are at it.

To promote this inherent superpower and the notion of constant creation, Avishkaar organizes a  series of challenges known as the ‘Avishkaar Challenge’. It basically involves a course of challenges that pose a particular problem or a number of problems for the makers to solve using robotics or any technical and skillful application of their skills.

Not only does this help the makers align themselves with the rapid progression in the technological spectrum, but also acquaint them with the higher disciplines of patience, perseverance and persistence.


This time the Avishkaar Challenge is back with ‘Robotility – 2019’,which simply means creation of Robots that render Utilities which leads to fabrication of a Robotility! It will lay down a path, following which the makers would eventually see themselves aligning with technology and robotics like never before. One should definitely not this opportunity for an enlightening experience.

This year’s challenge is divided into two categories:

Walnut Crusher using Avishkaar DIY Kits
Walnut Crusher made using Avishkaar DIY Kits
  • Building a Walnut Crusher Robot, which like the name suggests, has the ability to crush walnuts on command. This robot shall be manually controlled by a remote or any other input device.
Water Serving Robot made using Avishkaar DIY Kits
Water Serving Robot made using Avishkaar DIY Kits
  • Building a Water Serving Robot, which like the name suggests, is to be ‘programmed’ to serve water. It’s actions would not be a result of manual commands but using programmed automated command.

Important Dates

The important eligibility criteria of the ‘Water Serving Robot’ challenge is that it has to be attempted using the AMS (Avishkaar Maker Studio) Programming software. Only then the entry would be considered eligible else it would be deemed invalid.

So hurry up, do register yourself for the challenge now and then start #making your project.