ATL Community Day – Build a Brighter Future!

ATL Community Day - Build a Brighter Future

The Community Day celebration on Ambedkar Jayanti is an initiative which is aimed at maximizing the impact of bringing out the genius in kids by extending innovation to all the children in the community who do not have access to the Tinkering labs in their schools. The purpose of this initiative is to provide all the children with the same educational and learning tools, as the students in the ATL of the selected schools and enable them to become problem solvers and leaders of tomorrow.

How your school can celebrate the ATL community day?

There are plenty of educational yet fun ways in which a school can celebrate the ATL Community day, some of them being:

  • It can be initiated by sending invitations to all the schools in the vicinity. The focus should be on inviting kids from the schools, where ATL is not being set up yet, or other educational institutions like NGOs and social welfare organizations.
  • It may also be planned to invite non-school going kids  (preferably with their parents), mainly to observe the event and play around.
  • It can be a full day or a half-day engagement program and which can include an Exhibition, Workshop and a Competition in your school around Tinkering.
  • It is also suggested that the students shall be motivated by the school to step up, take initiative and organize this memorable event. Children can prepare on different topics and take sessions in the workshop. Simultaneously, others can prepare models for exhibition and engagements.
  • For the end of the day, Competitions surrounding the AVISHKAARS can be held and prizes can be given to the winners.
An innovator with Avishkaar DIY Kit
An innovator with Avishkaar DIY Kit

What activities can be conducted in this event?

Here are some of the activities that can be carried out on the event day. All the activities shall be conducted in groups to foster a sense of teamwork and unity amongst children.

  • Designing and printing a personalized Keychain/Superhero using a 3-D Printer (It can be the parting gift for them)
3D printer in action
3D printer in action

High speed base, Claw, and Gripper Robot using Avishkaar E series Lite DIY kit.

Edge Avoider programme
Line Follower programme
Hand Follower programme
  • Fist Power using force sensitive resistor and E-Series X brain.
Fist Power in action
  • Home automation using Bluetooth module.

Therefore, conduction of such an event ensures that this country is on the right path to eventually fulfill the vision of ‘Cultivating one Million children in India as Modern Innovators’. This would inculcate the adaptive mindset into their young brains to visualize more than meets the eye.

What makes up for a true revolution is the support of the masses for the unified objectives. We urge you to transmit the sheer impact of this key event by sharing experiences, pictures, and videos on our page, Avishkaar and use the hashtags, #Avishkaar, #AvishkaarMakes and #ATLCommunityDay.