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There’s Something New About Avishkaar

Have we got some news for you all!

Gather round, people. Let it be known throughout the land that from this day forward, Avishkaar Box would be officially known as Avishkaar, dropping the word ‘Box’ from its name.

Avishkaar Box Is Now Avishkaar

Now, you may rightly ask, why this decision all of a sudden? Well, to be honest, this has been coming to a while. We’ve been playing with the idea of going with a cleaner, crisper brand name. And we believe the name, Avishkaar, presents us with just such an opportunity, unrestricted from the confines of a ‘box’.

Avishkaar’s mission is to be an ecosystem that helps foster an environment where students, parents and teachers alike can create engaging experiences that spark imagination and stimulate innovation. We’ve defined a series of core values which we believe aptly represent our ethos. In no particular order:

  1. Focus (commitment)
  2. Excellence (quality)
  3. Endurance
  4. Dynamism
  5. Transparency
  6. Agility with awareness

Our core values are embodied by our products which we’ve tried to create keeping in the mind the needs of a child full of unbridled curiosity and a thirst for learning. Avishkaar’s products can be best defined by

  1. Unleash potential by providing an ecosystem for learning, promoting creativity, DIY (hands-on), encouraging lateral thinking
  2. Quality imbued with robustness and precision
  3. Simple as its always ready to go
  4. Value backed by an honest work ethic
  5. Modularity based design offering multiple options to kids
  6. Aesthetics
  7. STEM learning system to ignite the maker within the child

We’re not the first company who’ve ventured on this path as Google (originally known as BackRub), Accenture (earlier known as Arthur Anderson), Pepsi (started out as Brad’s Drink); would attest. It is our sincerest hope that we go on to achieve great things and are able to become a household name.

Avishkaar Team

We want to stay true to our roots and remain grounded so that we’re able to offer you quality, made in India goods, and attain our dream of becoming the first global robotics company to have sprung out of the Indian backwaters. In this endeavour, we need your support and hope you’ll place your trust in us, as you all have done till now. To infinity and beyond with Avishkaar!

Good Luck for all your future endeavours!

Happy Inventing!
Team Avishkaar

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