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All Avishkaar Kits and Microdegrees are now STEM.org certified

In this world of constant information overload, it is impossible for parents and customers to verify the claims that organizations make about the effectiveness of their products or solutions. It is even more difficult when it comes to making choices for your child. Homework, extracurricular classes, and tuition overburden all children today. It has become critical that parents choose carefully the activities or projects their child invests time in.

That is exactly why we decided to participate to get STEM.org certified. We hope to offer all parents and schools the peace of mind that when you choose Avishkaar, you choose quality and promised learning outcomes. All this is while your child develops next gen tech skills like Robotics, IoT. Electronics, AI and coding with world class tools and mentors. 

We are excited to announce that all Avishkaar kits and courses are now certified by STEM.org, an internationally renowned organization committed to supporting the most innovative of STEM pedagogies and solutions. So you, as a parent, can be assured that your child is getting the best possible learning opportunity with the Avishkaar platform.

Why does being STEM.org certified matter?

STEM.org is recognized globally as the longest operating, privately-held STEM Education Research. It also holds the credential that STEM products and organizations look up to for getting them established in the market. They have served over 4,500 schools, districts, and organizations in over 25 countries.

STEM.org Education Research (SER) assisted with the original framework which led to the creation of the 2005 STEM Congressional Caucus. This event gave birth to the converging national and international STEM education movements practiced by schools, districts, organizations, government agencies and NGOs today.

Brands, such as Avishkaar, have to go through an intensive evaluation process. They have to go through a lot of stages so you can be well assured that the certification would be well-earned.

SER checks for the following before they award the certification

  • How safe the products are
  • The amount of effectiveness they have
  • How valid the learning outcomes are

It is one of the most thorough and elaborate vetting processes for STEM certification in the world. 

Rest assured,

When you choose Avishkaar kits or microdegrees you have an international industry giant backing the effectiveness and claims that we make. So be it 

  • the Avishkaar Robotics and Coding Microdegree, enabling your child to build and program autonomous robots with the help of accomplished mentors 
  • the Electronics & IoT Microdegree, the best extensive, certified course for children in IoT in India 
  • the Robotics Starter Kit and Robotics Pro Kit, the two Amazon bestselling Robotics and Coding kits
  • the IoT Starter Kit, the most affordable IoT kit to get your kid started on playing with sensors and smart machines.

So go ahead, let your child explore and have fun while building the skills for tomorrow.  

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