Age-appropriate Online learning resources for children During COVID-19 Times

With schools going online and classes being conducted virtually, we know that most parents are trying to figure out ways to keep their child’s learning on a steady tread. 

Kids are becoming inclined to gadgets, especially now since they have to stay indoors and to tackle this, parents are relying on online fun learning activities for kids. Just like how we are all sustained by the internet, it has an assortment of ways to enhance learning for kids too. 

You might wonder why online learning for kids is essential and how it is going to benefit your child.

Well, virtual learning for kids has created a large scope for sharing perspectives through interactions at a global level. This pushes them to keep exploring concepts ahead as it also gives access to an unlimited supply of resources. The timings are flexible, and the classes can be customized as per their requirements too! 

To make the choice more comfortable for you, we have compiled an age-wise list of online resources to get your little ones hooked onto kids learning activities:

Your kid can begin learning to code even at 5 years of age with Avishkaar’s robotics toy that will give your child a hands-on learning experience and also teach coding through fun learning activities. Check out the toy here!

This kit is designed for kids above 12 years of age. Through this kit, kids can learn how to create command following robots like obstacle avoider, colored line following droid, and lots more through block coding. With the help of this kit, your child will be able to learn physics, problem-solving, and improve logical thinking. Check out this cool robotics kit here!

Khan Academy is one of the most popular sites for both children, parents, and teachers to keep learning. It is free of cost and available for children of all ages to use extensively to get through complex explanations on various subjects. Click here to try it out!