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Robotics is an exciting field that combines science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to create intelligent machines capable of performing various tasks through wonderful robotic projects.

Avishkaar, a leading robotics education platform, offers a range of beginner-friendly projects that allow enthusiasts to dive into the world of robotics.

In this article, we will explore five captivating robotics projects from Avishkaar that are perfect for beginners. These projects cater to different age groups and skill levels, providing an excellent starting point for aspiring roboticists. Let’s discover these projects and unleash our creativity!

1. Rope Car (Abot Advanced Kit): The Rope Car project from Avishkaar’s Abot Advanced Kit is an engaging project that introduces beginners to basic robotics concepts. This project allows learners to build a small car that can traverse a suspended rope track. With Avishkaar’s comprehensive kit and step-by-step instructions, beginners can construct the car, integrate motors and sensors, and program it to move along the rope. This project enhances understanding of mechanical systems, motor control, and programming basics. Watch How Youtuber Ashish Creates it.

2. Animated Dragon(IoT Starter Kit): Avishkaar’s IoT Starter Kit offers an exciting project for beginners to create an Animated Dragon. This project combines robotics with Internet of Things (IoT) technology, allowing learners to build a dragon-like structure and integrate it with IoT sensors. Through makerboard, beginners can make the dragon move its wings, light up its eyes, and even produce sound effects. This project provides an introduction to IoT, coding, and creativity in robotics. Watch the video here.

3. Optimus Prime (MEX Robotics Starter Kit): Avishkaar’s MEX Robotics Starter Kit presents an exhilarating project for beginners to construct their very own Optimus Prime robot. This project enables learners to build a humanoid robot resembling the iconic character from Transformers through. The kit provides all the necessary components, including motors, sensors, and interlocking parts. This project fosters understanding of humanoid robotics, motor control, and advanced programming. Watch the famous Youtuber Sparsh bring it to life.

4. Codigo: Avishkaar’s Codigo is a unique and innovative project that introduces coding to children as young as five years old through a fun card game. This project does not require any robotics hardware but focuses on teaching the basics of coding using coding cards. The game involves arranging the cards in a specific sequence to create simple commands that guide a character through various challenges. Codigo promotes logical thinking, sequencing, and problem-solving skills in young children while introducing them to the world of coding.
Watch the complete video here.

5. Tom & Jerry Bot (Robotics Starter Kit): Avishkaar’s Robotics Starter Kit offers an exciting project for beginners to build their own Tom & Jerry Bot. This project allows learners to create a robot that mimics the playful antics of the iconic cartoon characters, Tom and Jerry. With Avishkaar’s kit, beginners can assemble the robot, integrate motors and sensors, and program it to move, avoid obstacles, and interact with its surroundings. This project enhances knowledge of robotics mechanics, sensor integration, and programming concepts. Watch the tutorial here.

Avishkaar provides an excellent platform for beginners to explore the fascinating realm of robotics through a diverse range of projects. These projects not only impart valuable knowledge of robotics concepts but also nurture creativity, problem-solving skills, and logical thinking. Embark on your robotics journey today with Avishkaar’s beginner-friendly projects and unlock the endless possibilities of the robotics world!

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