5 Best Robotic Toys Your Child MUST HAVE to Learn Coding

You must have seen popular films such as Transformers, Star Wars and Marvel Superhero movies. Children love these films as they are intrigued because it gets them thinking about how these robots work? Could they build their own robots?

The answer is, YES! It is possible through coding. It is 2020 and coding is a basic literacy in the digital age, naturally, kids need to understand the technology around them as it prepares them for the future ahead and opens a window of endless possibilities. 

Robotics is like clay in the hands of children because they can mould it the way they want to and create their masterpiece that follows commands. Robotics provides hands-on-learning and helps your child learn 21st-century skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, computational skills, improves creativity and helps in learning perseverance. 

However, while buying any robotics toys for your child, you need to make sure the toy is age-appropriate and just right for your child else it could be rather discouraging for them if they are unable to figure it out.

Here are 5 of the Best Robotic Toys that you can buy for your child to help them learn to code—

1. Tweak

So what if you’re just 5 years old? You can still build your robot and make it run on your commands, with the help of Tweak. It is a kid-friendly robotics toy which incorporates coding to build robots that work the way kids command them to. All you need is the imagination to visualize what you want the robot to perform. This is an interesting toy that will engage your little one in creating scientific wonders.

You can build and program a Robot under 5 minutes and it is very easy to use. Tweak has several perks as it helps in boosting STEM learning, introduces logic building and developing fine motor skills. 

The modular robotics kit, Tweak uses a blend of the easy snap and fit blocks with new age robotics. This technology eliminates dangling screws and wires for a safe and flawless learning experience. The modules can be joined in any direction with ease so that your kid can make what they imagine.

Your child can code Tweak through block coding and pair up the robotics toy with the TweakGo app to control and code Tweak. The app is available on both the App Store and Play Store.

With Tweak, your child can now build some cool robots. Avishkaar provides tutorial videos as well to help your kids build these robots:

2. E-Series Full Kit

This is India’s most advanced programmable robotics kit to ever be made available for kids over the age of 12 and above. This is a complete Robotics kit which comprises all the components of a Robotics Design System including the programmable brain with sensors. The kit has more than 150 parts and your child can make over 50 models with this single kit. 

Through this kit, your child can create different robots like obstacle avoider, black line follower, colour sorting robot, humanoids and what not! 

You should totally buy this kit for your children as it has the power to unleash your child’s full potential by engaging in STEM learning, enhance problem-solving skills, build logic and programming skills too. 

Additionally, you can download the Avishkaar Remote App which lets you control your robot wirelessly! The app is available on the Play Store and App Store.

Click here to check out expert-designed courses that teach children to build their own robots by learning how to code. 

3. Dash and Dot Robot

This is a cool robot that can act, sense and think. Dash and Dot robot is perfect for the age group of kids 6+ and teaches kids about programming with hands-on play. Dash and Dot robot can dance, race around the house respond to sounds and objects around the house. Children can use block coding on four different iPad apps to control their Dash robot. With the help of this robotics toy, your child can explore and learn problem-solving, while having fun with this robot. 

4. Lego Boost Robotics

Children always have a special place for Legos as it is, and what if we told you that Legos could also make up for some cool coding tools? Learning how to code with Legos would be a fun learning experience, wouldn’t it?

This set is exclusively meant for kids between the age of 7-12 and it comes with bricks, a central processing unit, and sensors. The assembled robots can be programmed using an Android tablet or an iPad with the included app.

5. Code-a-Pillar

A product of Fisher-Price, this is one of the popular toys for children to learn how to code. The toy has eight segments and one head. Each of the segments has a symbol on its back that denotes a direction or an ‘action’ icon like wriggling or playing music. So, you could link the segments together to produce a sequence and Code-a-Pillar will follow it.

Children are naturally curious and hands-on learning is an effective way to stimulate their mind to imagine and innovate and these robotics toys for children do just that.