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5 Best Robotic Toys for Kids: Unleashing Creativity with Avishkaar

Embark on an electrifying journey into the captivating world of robotics and technology, igniting young minds for the digital age and make playtime a learning experience with Robotic Toys.

Avishkaar proudly presents the MEX Series—a range of innovative robotic kits with interlocking parts designed to nurture young minds. These robotic toys provide an exciting platform for kids to explore, learn, and develop essential STEM skills while having a blast.

Introducing 5 exciting Robotic Projects for Kids to Build :

1. MEX Tusker A star in the MEX Series, is a robotic elephant that combines fun with learning. With its easy-to-use components and step-by-step instructions, kids can build their very own moving elephant. This project introduces them to basic robotics principles and encourages hands-on-exploration. With motors and gears, the MEX Tusker walks with relentless determination and impeccable accuracy, a high grade Robotic Toy.

2. MEX Poodle allows kids to construct their own adorable robotic dog. Who doesn’t want a pet at home? By assembling the components including plastic construction building blocks, electric brain, motor and LED modules, children can bring their robotic pet to life. Control this pet robotic toy using the remote control Avishkaar mobile app: control its movement, play with its LED eyes and give exciting sounds to it!

3. MEX Dobby is inspired by the mischievous house-elf from a popular fantasy series, MEX Dobby, which is a project from the bestseller MEX Robotics Starter Kit, is a lovable and interactive robot that responds to commands. Kids can build a walking robot and learn basic mechanical design concepts. It’s a perfect blend of imaginative play and technological learning.

4. MEX Macaw allows kids to construct their very own robotic bird. By assembling the components and incorporating gears, children can make their Mex Macaw mimic the behavior by controlling it through a lever.
This project fosters an understanding of action figures and enhances problem-solving skills.

5. MEX Mobile allows kids to delve into the world of mobile robotics. By building their own robot vehicle using Avishkaar’s Mex Robotics Starter kit, children can learn about motor control, navigation, and programming with Artificial intelligence.

Avishkaar’s MEX Series offers an exceptional range of robotic kits that ignite curiosity, promote learning, and foster a passion for STEM education.

These robotic toys provide an immersive and engaging experience for kids, allowing them to explore the world of robotics, coding, technology and artificial intelligence in a hands-on and interactive manner.

By incorporating Avishkaar’s MEX Series into children’s playtime, parents can actively encourage their child’s cognitive development and set them on a path towards a bright future in robotics and technology.

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