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4 Skills that you can Upgrade in the #SmogHolidays

Okay – so you are sitting at home  due to the unexpected “Smog Holidays” declared in Delhi/NCR. You can’t go outside to play with your friends and are super bored.

Instead of doing something unproductive like watching TV – why not try out these interesting activities which not only are fun, but will also help you become better at a skill.

#1 Build a Big Robot

You would have learnt to build basic robots in your robotics class at school. Why not try your hand at building something bigger and more advanced like an Archery Robot, a Walker Robot or a Rope Car Robot? We have a list of “How to” tutorials to help you out. Check out the tutorials here.

And in case you fall short of parts to make these robots – order them online and have them delivered to your home.

#2 Fun with Avishkaar Maker Studio

If you have already begun to learn programming in your robotics class, then why not try creating some fun programs at home. Check out the online curriculum for AMS and get ahead of the class. We would recommend that you try your hands on this fun program with the ultrasonic sensor. Click here to see the tutorial.

To download the Avishkaar Maker Studio, click here.

#3 Build Air Quality Monitor with Avishkar Maker Board

Avishkaar Maker Board, also known as “The Inventors Plaything” is an awesome gadget to make your own game or DIY project. The AMB is fully programmable with AMS and compatible with the other open source peripheral input/output devices enabling you to make any project or prototype. What’s more it is compatible with MIT App Inventor.

So how about building your own Air Quality Monitor? Check out the tutorial to this here

PS: You can have your Avishkaar Maker Board delivered to your home once your order it online here.

#4 Prepare for IRC School League

With the Qualifiers for Noida and North Delhi round the corner, use these holidays to amp your preparation level. Order the practice sets, arenas and props online and get going. Order them online here.

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