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3 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn Robotics & Coding! (2023)

The world we live in today is increasingly driven by automation, artificial intelligence, and cutting-edge technology, and it is clear that these trends are only going to intensify in the coming years. As parents, educators, and mentors, it is our responsibility to equip the younger generation with the tools and knowledge they need to not only thrive but also shape the world they inherit.

In this blog, we will explore why it is essential for kids to learn robotics and coding, and no – the reason is not to land a handsomely paying job. It’s bigger than that this time. We will delve into the world of these dynamic, hands-on educational experiences, highlighting how they foster critical skills such as problem-solving, creativity, and teamwork, all while igniting a passion for technology and innovation.

Reason 1: Coding & Robotics are a way of thinking

Have you ever tried to take directions from someone on the street? Some folks are able to give you exact directions interspersed with milestones and exact steps to reach your destinations while others struggle with fuzzy directions. The former way where the exact path has been neatly broken down into smaller milestones and each milestone clearly defined can be thought of as an analytical way of thinking. This concept has a definition in teaching Tech, it’s called Sequencing. No matter what area of interest your child may have or develop, sequencing or an ability to break a problem into simpler steps is something that everyone should be able to do for them to do well in life. So coding & robotics is a way of thinking that everyone should experience.

Reason 2: Robotics & AI gives you practice on complex problem solving

In the 21st century, one of the most crucial skills is the ability to tackle complex problem-solving challenges. An example of this is the creation of intricate structural designs, which involve considering factors such as the center of gravity, surface friction for mobility, and selecting an appropriate support polygon as the foundation. Additionally, these designs must incorporate real-time computations to determine the precise power distribution among motors, while simultaneously processing data from various sensors like gyros, accelerometers, and basic sensors such as infrared and color detectors. All of these elements must be seamlessly integrated into a meticulously crafted code that comprehensively accounts for these intricate parameters.

This is what real Robotics is about and what it does is give you an exposure on how to go about complex problem solving. Having cognitive abilities to reconcile variables moving in multiple dimensions and still solving for them is paramount for the world of tomorrow.

Reason 3: Left brain tech develops Right Brain skills as well

When tackling challenges in the realms of Coding, Robotics, or AI, individuals encounter a multitude of hurdles. From the initial task of self-motivation to persisting in the face of repeated failed attempts, to the necessity of collaboration with others when one’s solo efforts prove insufficient, and the perpetual need to acquire new technical skills as problems grow in complexity or solutions demand refinement—these challenges harness the remarkable capacity of the “Left Brain” to impart invaluable “Right Brain” skills. These encompass creativity, imagination, resilience, collaboration, and adaptability, all of which are indispensable in preparing for the demands of the future world.

So that’s our quick inputs on why it is important for kids to learn Robotics & Coding in 2023. You can head over to Avishkaar to check out various products and courses that we have which make learning Robotics & Coding a child’s play. 

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